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Westum is a non-profit organization which consist a network of 34 learning centers/ adult education centers in the western part of Sweden. We cooperate in different works and Project, all depends on each municipals conditional and goal. The overall aim is to achive the best knowledge and development in our region.

Westum currently participate the EU project KOBRA- Competence Based Regional Analytic. This project is funded by the EU program INTERREG and Region västragötaland. KOBRA is a Scandinavian project with the purpose of elaborating recommendations on how to realize the vision of a competence based growth policy – which can create the best possible prerequisites for growth through investments in human capital.

KOBRA will start in septemebr 2015 and work for Three years. 10 Swedish municipalitice are participate and Westum is coordinator

In june 2015 Westum also approved a Erasmus + mobility Project with 225 mobilities. In this consortium 13 of Westums members are participate and all mobilities will work to achive common needs in the region. The Project will end in 31 may 2017

This Project works to achive better knowledge within the following areas below and Westum are intressting in Contacts with companies/schools or organisations that works within this areas:

Social and Healthcare

Hotel, restaurang and tourism

Tecnology and renewable energy

ICT-developement within unicq competeces

Mother laguage and relation to vocational training/work

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