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The principle of passive noise reduction Headset natural needless to say,Cheap Beats by dre by increasing the sponge, rubber sealed material as far as possible to the ear cut off from the outside world, so as to reduce the noise. But notable is, the denoising method can effectively isolate the high frequency noise outside,Cheap Beats Headphones but the low frequency noise barrier effect is not obvious. It is precisely because there are many problems, so the passive noise reduction technology for many music fancier does not seem to be very satisfactory,Cheap Beats dr dre active noise reduction Headset will emerge as the times require. And the passive is different, in the blocking outside noise and active noise reduction Headset, himself issued another noise, two kinds of noise in each other and, instead, to achieve the target of reducing the noise. Active noise reduction headsets for active noise,Cheap monster beats the general will join a battery in the headphones (generally use the rechargeable lithium battery or AAA section 7 batteries) and noise reduction circuit. Through the battery driven,Cheap Beats solo low frequency noise environmental noise reduction circuit using the built-in microphone pickup in (basically is at the 100~1000Hz frequency between the sound), and after the operation, and tried to make the opposite phase noise amplitude of the same sound. The positive and negative two waves cancel each other out, the low frequency noise is magically disappeared. Active noise reduction to solve the problem of low frequency noise, but instead is not easy, and high frequency noise, sends out the voice,Cheap Beats studio a plane or train scene noise, active noise reduction headsets are difficult to fully meet. On the other hand, the active noise reduction headset if done well, it may result in loss of voice quality, this comparative test maker skill. Need to pay attention to is that most users the most urgent need is the barrier of low frequency noise. The human voice, car horn belong to high frequency, we usually worry when using headphones to listen to others speak, when crossing the road for security must also maintain a keen sense of hearing,Cheap dr dre headphones in turn, low frequency sound is almost always true "noise". In this case, the active noise reduction headset is very obvious advantages.