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According to the COACH reported fiscal 2015 companies in North America, same store sales drop in the 14%-19%, including website income can reach more than 24% sales decline. Previously published as of the third quarter data for March 29th show, Coach Factory Outlet Online year-on-year sales in North America fell 18% to $648000000, in addition, Coach Factory Outlet announced that shareholders in the day, the fiscal year 2015 is expected to total revenue will shrink 11%-13%.
In order to achieve long-term growth, Coach handbags expansion transformation plan multi-year, include 70 branches over North America business, reforming the global network of stores and organize inventory etc.. COACH is expected to produce pre tax expenses, will be about $250000000 to $300000000, this part will be reflected in the fourth quarter of fiscal performance, the rest in the new fiscal year reflect.
Or because of outlets since the smashing signs
"COACH also can be said to be their own outlets smashed brand." A senior consumer industry such evaluation of Coach Outlet Online now faces problems.
"A lot of Chinese people to the United States, is to buy Coach Factory Online, this brand is like to go to the United States as hand letter. In the United States New York outlets, only one brand is the need to queue up split into, is COACH." It is just back from the United States spike consumption Daren Miss Li said: "in fact, the price of COACH is divided into two categories, one category is outlets price also is special, a lot of packets as long as 1000 yuan, is said to be the factory goods. Another kind is in store sales, the price will be expensive, not discounted played so bad. Positive price if the goods if not very special is sold, is not into the outlet."
However, the Coach Outlet in the United States price differentiation also leads to many consumers to become more expensive in overseas markets are less cold. "In the past, rarely have the opportunity to go to the United States, now go to many people, they think the domestic Cheap Coach bags price is very expensive. Even in the United States, are more willing to buy outlets package design, feel there is no big difference." Consumers have said so.
There are also retail experts believe that the only shop is very difficult to change the problem of positioning and design of a brand, the current Chinese consumers the pursuit to the brand has been with a few years ago, whether local or more from the European light luxury goods also has a big impact on the COACH, if you don't start with product and brand positioning, Cheap Coach handbags is difficult to capture greater consumption space in china.